The Do's and Don'ts on your CV

"Seven  Most Common Mistakes people make on their cv"

1. Lack of Clarity
If a potential employer cannot understand your work history, skills, or any other portion of your cv clearly and easily, you have already lost the job. They will not take the time to figure it out. Remember, they have tens or even hundreds of other cvs to review
2. Taking a One-Size-Fits-All Approach
If you try to develop a one-size-fits-all resume to send to a variety of employers, you will most likely end up with your cv tossed aside. Employers want you to write a cv  specifically for them. They expect you to clearly show how and why you fit the position in a specific organization. If you’re simply sending out the same cv to each employer, it shows potential hiring managers that you’re not interested in the particular job they’re offering. If you’re not willing to read the job description and tailor your cv for the job, they think you don’t care enough about the job to do it, and they won’t think it’s worth their time to give you a chance. 
3. Making It All About You
Another common mistake is writing a cv as though it is all about you. It really is not: it is about the prospective employer. Having objective statements and detailing what you are looking for is of no interest the employer. Their biggest question is, What can you do for me? The mistake is in not answering that question.
In that top quarter of your cv, you will be lucky to get a 3-10 second review, and therefore, it is critical to answer this question to ensure the reader continues to evaluate your cv. Start with the most important skill sets, abilities, accomplishments or attributes — most important to the employer — that you bring to the table. Set the stage for them to see you in the role that you are pursuing. Align your cv with the prospective employer and position, allowing the reader to easily identify you in that position. 
4. Using an Inappropriate Email Address
Don’t use a personal email address geared more for playtime than work. If you use an email address which references your partying or intimate behaviours — I question your judgment. It is too easy to get a free email account for your interview correspondence to represent yourself in such an appropriate manner.   Keep the other address for communicating with your friends — not potential employers. 
5. Focusing on Tasks Instead of Results
Future behaviour can be predicted by past behaviour, so use those bullets under each job to showcase your accomplishments, not the tasks assigned to the role. Did you standardize a set of processes? Develop industry knowledge? Save time or other resources? Use the bullets to describe your achievements using the skills the employer seeks.
6. Listing Skills They Don’t Really Have
One of the most common cv mistakes I have seen is when candidates list skills they don’t actually have. Remember: anything that is listed on your cv is fair game for an interview. Candidates should be cautious to list skills or acronyms when they really have no understanding of or experience with that skill or technology.   Remember this is a reflection of your honesty and integrity!
7. Not Providing Enough Context
It’s great to list your day-to-day responsibilities, but unless we know what your company does, your goals within your department, or what you’ve accomplished in your role, these tasks come across as relatively meaningless.


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